Scenko Stix

7’4 MH Moderate-Fast “CHATTERTRAP”

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The term “parabolic bend“ has been coined by fishermen in recent years to describe the action of rods that bend from the tip down to the butt section. When fishing chatterbaits, rattletraps, and smaller square bills, you’ll find that setting the hook isn’t necessary with this rod. The deep, parabolic bend steadily builds the hook-setting pressure, and the fish essentially hook themselves as you pull back on them. Many customers have reported that they can feel fish trailing their bait with this model. With a soft enough tip to cast a country mile, and the right amount of backbone to snap a bait through your favorite vegetation, all while being one of the lightest rods you’ll ever put in your hand, you won’t find anything like it on the market. This is your new go-to rod for throwing moving & reaction style baits