Though officially established in 2020, Scenko Stix has long been making a name for itself on the abundant waters of South Florida. What was once a hobby, building fishing rods seamlessly turned into a career once Alex Terescenko realized it was his passion. Unsatisfied with the way store-bought, mass-produced rods were performing, Alex took matters into his own hands, literally. After mixing epoxy and drying a few rods by hand, he discovered that the only way to get exactly what he wanted out of a rod was to create them himself. Once he replaced every generic rod he owned with one he built for himself by hand, his fishing game changed completely. The increased sensitivity and confidence in his product gave him a competitive edge on the water that landed him several tournament wins, including an FLW BFL on Lake Okeechobee, and a Bass Pro Shops American Bass Anglers Open Series. Once news spread that he was winning money on rods that he built himself, people started asking if he would build rods for them too. 

After his parents saw how serious he was about building rods, they (out of the kindness of their hearts) allowed him to completely take over their living room. What was once a place for entertaining and relaxing after a long day, quickly became a place that hosted many long nights of building as Alex worked to get ahead of his growing list of orders. The living room became known as “The Rod Room” and was the only place you could find him after he got off from working his full-time job managing properties for his father’s business. 

As the demand for Alex’s custom rods continued to grow, his orders consumed more and more of his time and attention. His father noticed that Alex’s priorities were beginning to stray away from the property management business, and out of fear that he would begin to cut corners, he let him go. 

This was just the push that Alex needed to finally establish the brand that he had been slowly growing over the years. Now his passion AND full time job, Alex had even more time to dedicate to creating a one-of-a-kind product that continues to exceed expectations. 

That time led to the rapid expansion of Alex’s own business, which in-turn allowed his parents to reclaim their living room. 

After a successful first year full of trial, error, ups, downs, and lessons learned the hard way, Scenko Stix LLC is excited to announce that we have created a Production Line of rods! The same great performance, without the custom price tag or lead-times. Proudly hand crafted in the USA.